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Arrow In The News

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If you've been watching your local news station or reading the newspaper lately, you may have noticed Arrow Exterminators contributing to stories as an expert in the pest control industry. Arrow has displayed its knowledge when it comes to fire ants, mosquitoes, termite swarms and sustainability, or also known as "going green." Our own Shay Runion has been featured on more than four local news stations in the past few weeks alone!

At Arrow, we are truly committed to educating our customers and the community about the best practices in pest control and how best to protect their families and home from unwanted pests. We also strive to share the latest industry trends like our innovative sustainability approach, STEPS.

We look forward to continuing to serve as a leading resource in the pest control industry…so next time you turn on the news or pick-up a paper…you might just find Arrow sharing more key tips or industry insights.

Check out some of our latest and greatest hits here:

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