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Fleas Aren’t Just for Fido Anymore

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If you have a dog, you've seen it before; your pet seems to be scratching at the same spot over and over again. Usually the telltale sign that your poor pup has fleas. But what many don't realize, is those same fleas, may be biting you and your family, too. Most people think an itchy red bump is from summer's more famous pest-mosquitoes. Few people realize they could have a flea problem inside their home.

Fleas breed extremely quickly and they have the ability to jump 150 times their own length, allowing them to quickly spread through your home. In addition, fleas can spread serious illness to you and your pet.

Here are a few tips to keep fleas away from your home and your pet:

  • If you have a pet, be sure to use a monthly flea preventative, clean/groom them regularly, and visit a veterinarian annually.
  • Keep lawns well groomed. An untended lawn can provide hiding spots and food sources for animals that harbor fleas, such as rodents.
  • Clean and vacuum your home frequently to help remove current flea populations and discourage egg laying.
  • Avoid walking pets in tall grass where fleas can easily move into your pet's hair.

We hope these tips will keep your family and your pet, flea-free!

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