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Top 5 Pests to Love this Valentine's Day

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It's Valentine's Day and time to show some love for those special people in our lives. This year, we think you should save some of that love for these top five most loveable bugs! Perfectly harmless and romantic in nature, these pests even provide a few benefits so let's show them we care.

Ladybugs: If you love gardens, then you should definitely love ladybugs. They feed on aphids, which are harmful to plants. Avid gardeners will even purchase ladybugs to add to their garden as an easy, affordable and sustainable solution to keep pests away.

Fireflies: Who doesn't have fond childhood memories of catching lightning bugs on a warm summer night? These friendly pests are the ultimate love bug - they use their glow to attract new mates.

Dragonflies: Enemy number one to mosquitoes is the dragonfly. We love dragonflies because they feed on summer's most notorious pest and help control the population!

Crickets: Considered by many to be the most romantic pest, only the male crickets chirp and they produce an orchestra of romantic ballads to attract their perfect soul mate. After a successful mating, they also chirp a song of celebration.

Honeybees: Not only do honeybees provide us with a sweet treat, they are very social pests and pollinate the beautiful flowers we enjoy on Valentine's Day. Additionally, they pollinate more than 100 different crops across the United States including apples, squash, soybeans and nuts.

So we ask you, what's not to love? Happy Valentine's Day!

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