Lady Beetles

Order Coleoptera

This large family of beetles includes some of the most beneficial insects.

Lady Beetles
Color Red or orange wing pads with black spots
Legs 6
Shape Round to oval
Size 1/4"
Antennae True


They are predators as adults and larvae on plant-feeding pests such as aphids, scale insects, and many others that attach trees, shrubs, flowers, or vegetables in the garden.


A few species, such as the multicolored Asian Lady beetle congregate on the outside of buildings in autumn and then enter wall voids or attics to hibernate over the winter. Their success in feeding and reproducing occurs outdoors and is associated with trees, wooded areas, gardens, and so forth.


Lady beetles will not feed on or otherwise damage anything on the exterior surfaces of or inside buildings. They become pests in and around homes or other buildings merely because of their presence.


Once exclusion techniques such as caulking around the frames of windows and doors have been considered and implemented, it is best to remove the congregating beetles (e.g., by vacuuming or sweeping them up).