Creepy Crawlies Bring a Real Fright to Halloween Real tales of bedbugs, earwigs, flesh flies and other spooky pests

With Halloween season upon us, this is the time of year when scary stories are told, and Arrow Exterminators, a local termite and pest control company, has several seriously scary tales about "creepy crawlies." Flesh eating flies, earwgig bugs crawling in your ears, and of course the scariest pest of all-bed bugs crawling between your sheets. The spookiest thing about these stories is that the creatures are real and they can actually be found in your homes, schools or hotel rooms.

"We are always trying to educate our customers about pests in their area," said Shay Runion, Arrow's pest expert. "Halloween is a great time to spur the conversation in a fun and creative way by sharing tales of creepy pests while also creating awareness about the pests that pose the most significant risk or those that are making a resurgence in our area, such as termites, fire ants, and stink bugs."

Here are some details about Halloween's most infamous and creepy pests:

  • Bedbugs are the most common of the scary creatures lurking around this Halloween. These nocturnal pests are known to live in mattresses, furniture and even in clothes. Bedbugs suck the blood of humans while they sleep, though their bites are painless. Many people don't realize they have a bedbug infestation until they wake up with itchy red bumps.
  • Flesh flies are mostly found in dung, but they have been known to lay eggs in the open wounds of mammals. While these flies can definitely cause a fright, they have been extremely helpful forensic cases around the world because they can help determine time of death.
  • Earwigs get their name from the widespread superstition that they crawl into the ears of sleeping people. While this is not true, these pests do have a scary presence with their claw-like forceps located at the end of the abdomen. These forceps are used mostly as protective weapons.