Entertaining bug-related activities keep your children from becoming "pests" this summer

As summer approaches and the final school bell rings, Arrow Exterminators, a local termite and home pest control company, offers five fun activities to keep your children from "bugging" you this summer while also helping them expand their knowledge about science and nature:

  1. Design your own bug using household items and craft supplies. An empty toilet paper roll and pipe cleaners quickly becomes an ant with a little imagination and glue.
  2. While on vacation, play travel bug bingo. The first child to spot five new bugs they don't find at home wins.
  3. Encourage your children to start a bug collection by catching bug specimens in glass jars with air holes poked in the lids, or many stores sell fun and inexpensive children's bug or nature kits around this time of year.
  4. Your children can help pest-free your yards before picnics and barbecues by going on "Pest Patrol." Their duties can include emptying any rainwater that has collected in outdoor toys which is a key breeding ground for summer's most annoying pest-mosquitoes.
  5. On rainy days, visit and click on "For Teachers & Kids." The site is full of interesting pest facts and photos along with fun and educational games and activities where children can pretend to be an ant, combat home pest issues as a Pest Ranger, solve pest mysteries as a Pest Detective, test their knowledge of pests and there are even ideas for science fair projects.

"Summer is a fun time of year for everyone, but it can be tough to keep children entertained all summer," said Cindy Mannes, Chief Marketing Officer for Arrow Exterminators. "Bugs and bug-related activities can provide hours of educational summer fun at home or on vacation."