Hairy Crazy Ants Migrating North Towards Georgia

Arrow Exterminators Educates Homeowners on This "Crazy" Pest

Native to South America, the hairy crazy ant has already migrated to the Gulf States including Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Many experts think it is only a matter of time before this flea-sized ant adapts to Georgia's cooler climate and sets up home here as well following in the footsteps of the Red Imported Fire Ant. So named because they are extremely fast and move around in a sporadic fashion have an exterior coating that resembles hair, hairy crazy ants are not harmful to people or pets but an infestation can cause significant damage due to their large colony size. Their enormous armies have the ability to disable entire industrial facilities and short out electrical equipment if left unchecked and controlling them can cost thousands of dollars.

Armies of hairy crazy ants will continue their northerly invasion by catching a ride on just about anything from cargo containers, hay bales, potted plants and even motorcycles. Georgia homeowners should take care when receiving plants or other goods from any of the affected states. All boxes and foliage should be checked thoroughly before bringing it in the home and if an infestation of any ant is suspected, homeowners should call a professional immediately.

Also known as the Caribbean crazy ant or the Raspberry crazy ant, they do seek out and destroy any fire ant colonies in their path, but most experts agree, that is hardly a reason to embrace this pest and awareness is the best defense right now.