Arrow Exterminators Offers Tips to Prevent Pests From Spoiling Holiday Fun

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The holiday season has arrived which means it's time to dust off the holiday decorations, pick out the perfect Christmas tree and welcome guests to your home with a beautiful door wreath. While there are many fun traditions associated with holiday decorating, it's important for homeowners to take precautions when picking out their Christmas trees or unpacking decorations from basements or attics, as they may bring in unwanted pests or disrupt pests already nesting in the home undetected.

"Traditionally, holiday decorations are only used once a year, which means the rest of the year, they lie dormant in basements and attics. This creates the perfect environment for rodents such as squirrels, mice and rats to build their homes," said Shay Runion, Arrow Pest Expert. "Christmas trees, door wreaths and firewood can also provide the perfect hiding spot for pests such as brown recluse spiders."

The most common rodent this time of the year is the house mouse because, similar to humans, they seek food and shelter. Typically found in basements and attics, house mice breed rapidly and can bring other pests with them such as fleas, mites and ticks. Also, their droppings and urine can cause asthma in children.

Brown recluse spiders are another pest to be aware of this holiday season. These pests can easily hitch a ride into homes on firewood or Christmas trees. Brown recluse spiders hide in dark areas such as attics, closets and crawl spaces. While these spiders are mostly considered a nuisance pest, they will bite when disturbed and produce painful, open sores on the skin.

To help keep homes pest-free this holiday season, Arrow Exterminators recommends the following pest prevention tips:

  • Store holiday decorations in plastic airtight containers.
  • Inspect Christmas trees and other greenery thoroughly before bringing them into the house.
  • Thoroughly inspect decorations outdoors before bringing into the home.
  • Seal all holes and cracks that are larger than the diameter of a pencil.
  • Keep garages, attics and basements clean and clutter-free.
  • Place screens over vents and openings to chimneys.
  • Vacuum and sweep often around the home.

Arrow protects homes from infestations with the STEPS® Total Protection System, an industry-leading process that utilizes Integrated Pest Management. STEPS includes a full inspection of the home and property to pinpoint pest control issues; identification of not only the pest, but the true cause of the problem; and treatment in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and to help prevent future recurrences.