Arrow Exterminators Offers Tips for Homeowners to Prepare for the Coming Influx of Pests

While many have been delighting in our mild winter weather this year, no one has enjoyed it more than the local pest population. A typical winter naturally diminishes the numbers of many pests, but this season has been anything but typical. The warmer than normal temperatures have many pests coming out of hibernation early to seek food and begin the reproduction process leading to an overall increase in the number of pests we expect to see this Spring and Summer.

Experts are already predicting a banner year for mosquitoes, fleas and ticks as well as an increase in ant and termite colonies and even wasps and hornets as many more "future queens" have survived the winter. "In the spring, we always see a sharp increase in calls due to ant infestations and termite swarms, but this year, the calls have started early," said Arrow Pest Expert Shay Runion. "We want to make homeowners aware of steps they can take to help prevent a pest invasion this year."

Arrow Exterminators recommends the following tips to help consumers protect their homes:

• Eliminate all sources of moisture and standing water around the home.
• Seal all cracks, holes and other small openings around the foundation, including areas where utilities and pipes enter the home.
• Keep indoor and outdoor trash receptacles clean and sealed.
• Screen all windows and doors.
• Keep tree branches and shrubs trimmed back and away from the house.
• Keep mulch at least 15 inches away from the home's foundation.