Prevent Your Kids from Becoming Pests

Move over Christmas. For most kids, the summer season is "the most wonderful time of the year." With school officially closed for the next three months, it's the beginning of summer vacation, which means no more reading, writing or arithmetic. However, for parents, their work has just begun. To prevent kids from becoming indoor "pests," Arrow Exterminators offers some tips for parents on how they can keep their children entertained all summer long.

"Just because it's summer and school is out, it doesn't mean that learning has to - or should - end," said Arrow Exterminators' Pest Expert Shay Runion. "There are great learning opportunities for children all around - it just takes a little research and creativity."

To keep the summertime fun, but educational at the same time, why not learn about pests? These projects will teach your children invaluable lessons, potentially keeping them and your home pest free:

  • Make Science Fun: Science museums and insectariums are great places to take the kids in the summer. They are filled with constantly changing, interactive exhibits. Spend the day learning about prehistoric pests or watch the latest nature film in the museum's theater. Be sure to also check out the museum's Web site - it might offer a summer kids' camp. When returning home, see if your kids can find ways to prevent any of the pests they saw at the museum from entering the home. Reward your little "pest pros" with a prize.
  • Get Crafty: Arts and crafts are always fun activities for kids, keeping them entertained for hours on end. Broaden their creativity by showing them various pictures of pests, such as ants, caterpillars and termites. Then, task them with the challenge of recreating the pest of their choice, using various household objects - toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, etc.
  • Plan a Staycation: Looking to spend time outside in the great outdoors, but can't get away? Plan a camping trip in your own backyard. To prepare the campsite, have kids patrol the yard, looking for any sources of standing water. Help them to remove the water, teaching them that this simple task will prevent mosquitoes from ruining their summer fun. When setting up the tent, be sure to watch out for any ant mounds. Once the yard is clear, help kids properly seal their campfire treats, like marshmallows and chocolates, to prevent wildlife from eating their snacks. Finally, when it's time to say good-night, make sure the tent is closed up tight!

Arrow protects homes from pests with the STEPSâ„¢ Total Protection System, an industry-leading process that utilizes Integrated Pest Management. STEPS includes a full inspection of the home and property to pinpoint pest control issues; identification of not only the pest, but the true cause of the problem; and treatment in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and help prevent future recurrences.