Stink Bugs Invade Georgia

Arrow Exterminators Educates Homeowners on These "Stinky" Pests

Swarms of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug are seeking warmth and food inside Georgia homes.  Native to Asia and well-established in the Mid-Atlantic States, this particular species of stink bug is making itself right at home in Georgia.  Residents are seeing the population explode this fall given the wet summer we experienced.  While stink bugs don't transmit diseases, bite or sting, this "stinky" pest does emit a strong odor when frightened, disturbed or squashed and they can damage clothing, furniture and other fabrics with their droppings.

A bit lazy by nature, the stink bug will take the easy route to get in homes.  They can often be found hiding in personal belongings, on clothing and even in cars to make their way indoors.  Homeowners should always check themselves and their personal belongings before entering the home and make sure all screens on doors and windows are in good repair and all exterior cracks and crevices are sealed.