Summer Brings Unwanted Pests to Your Backyard BBQ

Arrow Exterminators offers tips for homeowners to keep pests from spoiling summer festivities

Summer is a time of seasonal fun when families flock outdoors to enjoy the nice weather, host barbecues and participate in outdoor activities-but not when pests crash the party. Due to the combination of heavy rains in the spring and hot temperatures in the summer months, pests like mosquitoes, ants, flies and stinging insects are more prevalent in the summer. Although these types of pests are often considered a mere annoyance to partygoers, they can bite, sting, transmit diseases, contaminate food and cause significant health and property threats.

"When you have a summer pest problem, it can greatly impact the enjoyment of your outdoor living space, and more importantly, pose a health risk to your family," said Shay Runion, Arrow entomology expert. "By taking the necessary prevention steps and getting the help of experts with specialized training, you can rid your yard of these pests and safeguard your family to enjoy your property to the fullest."

Arrow Exterminators offers these tips to prevent unwanted pests from spoiling summer fun:

  • Ants and flies are attracted to typical barbeque fare. Serve food and beverages indoors and reserve outdoor space for eating and entertaining. Keep food sealed in containers or covered whenever possible and wipe tabletops frequently. Bring utensils and dishware indoors shortly after the meal. Dispose of trash in closed garbage containers and keep receptacles a good distance from where guests are gathered.
  • Mosquitoes feed on blood, causing painful bite marks and sometimes carrying diseases such as Malaria and West Nile Virus. Remove/drain sources of standing water in the yard that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, including birdbaths and kiddie pools. When outside, wear insect repellent on exposed skin to prevent mosquito bites. If possible, avoid going outdoors during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active
  • Stinging insects are attracted to fragrances from candles, perfumes and even the food and drinks you serve. Provide clear cups for beverages, as soda/juice cans are good hiding spots for stinging pests.
  • Properly screen doors and windows leading into the home. Remind guests to close doors when entering and exiting your home.
  • Remove unneeded vegetation or trash from around any standing water sources that cannot be changed, dumped or removed.

Arrow protects homes from summer pests with the STEPSâ„¢ Total Protection System, an industry-leading process that utilizes Integrated Pest Management. STEPS includes full inspection of home and property to pinpoint pest control issues; identification of not only the pest, but the true cause of the problem; and treatment in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and help prevent any future recurrence.

Consumers interested in protecting their homes from pests this summer can view photos and additional information at Arrow's Online Pest Guide or contact Arrow for a free whole home evaluation at 1-888-462-7769