The Fall Five Arrow Exterminators Educates Homeowners on the Top Pests to Be Aware of This Fall

With summer slowly coming to an end, some pests will soon be a distant memory. However, with the cool crisp weather comes a whole new host of pests, seeking shelter in homes. To help homeowners identify these pests and prevent them from entering the home, Arrow Exterminators has compiled a list of the top five, most prevalent pests to be aware of this fall.

  1. Rodents: Rodents such as mice and rats are extremely common fall intruders. Similar to humans, they are looking for food and shelter. Mice have the unique ability to fit through cracks as small as a nickel, making small spaces and holes in the foundation easy entryways. To prevent rodents from entering the home, store food in containers, seal cracks around the foundation of a home and never overlook proper drainage (always install gutters or diverters that channel water away from the home). If a rodent infestation is suspected, a pest professional should be contacted immediately since they can cause allergies in children and also bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice into the home.
  2. Bedbugs: Bedbugs are back - and in a very big way. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers and can catch a ride on clothing, suitcases, and schoolbags to enter the home. Approximately the size of an apple seed, bedbugs live in mattresses, bed frames, dresser drawers, behind picture frames, in theater and airline seats and more. Nocturnal in nature, they come out at night to feed on their victims. Although not thought to spread disease, bed bugs can leave behind welts on their victims causing itching. Considered one of the most difficult pests to control, if an infestation is suspected, a pest professional should be contacted immediately.
  3. Ants: Various types of ants are typically found in and around the home during the fall. While most species of ants are considered a nuisance, odorous house ants can contaminate food and carpenter ants can damage the structure of a home. To prevent ants from entering the home, seal all cracks around the foundation, eliminate sources of standing water and keep tree branches and plants cut back. Additionally, don't store firewood and building materials next to the home and don't store unused firewood in the home overnight.
  4. Cockroaches: "Cockroaches are definitely one of the most dangerous pests on our list," said Arrow Exterminators Pest Expert Shay Runion. "They have the potential to spread 33 different kinds of bacteria and they can cause asthma in children." Since cockroaches tend to be found near pipes and drains, keep kitchens and bathrooms sanitized, vacuum frequently and ensure that cracks around the home are sealed.
  5. Lady Beetles and Boxelder Bugs: Looking for homes to hibernate in during the winter months, Lady Beetles and Boxelder Bugs are extremely popular pests that resurface in the fall. Lady Beetles feed on pests such as Aphids, White Flies and other small insects and Boxelder Bugs feed on fallen seeds and trees and live on rocks, trees and buildings. Largely considered a nuisance, these bugs can stain curtains and clothing with their droppings. They also emit a strong odor if crushed. Vacuum often and seal cracks around the home to prevent them from entering the home. Damaged screens on doors and windows should also be repaired or replaced.

Arrow protects homes from infestations with the STEPSâ„¢ Total Protection System, an industry-leading process that utilizes Integrated Pest Management. STEPS includes a full inspection of the home and property to pinpoint pest control issues; identification of not only the pest, but the true cause of the problem; and treatment in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and to help prevent future recurrences.