Arrow Exterminators Encourages Homeowners to Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Scorpions from Entering the Home This Summer

For many residents in the Southwest, when the sun goes down, it's a welcome relief from summer's oppressive heat. However, Arizonans should be aware that balmy summer nights create the perfect environment for one of the season's most dangerous pests - the scorpion. Arrow Exterminators encourages residents in Phoenix to learn about this potentially dangerous pest and take precautionary measures to prevent them from entering the home.

"With more than 30 confirmed species of scorpions in the state of Arizona alone, it's extremely important for homeowners to maintain vigilance against these sneaky summer intruders," said Arrow Exterminators Pest Expert Shay Runion. "Extremely dangerous, their stings can be life-threatening. We encourage all residents to take precautionary measures to prevent these pests from finding a way inside their homes this summer."

Known for their fondness of hiding in dark places, scorpions are nocturnal creatures that thrive in temperatures above 70 degrees. During the day, they will hide in cool, moist areas such as under rocks, tree bark, doormats, patio furniture and wood/trash piles. If scorpions enter a home, they are often found hiding in dark areas, such as the insides of clothing and shoes, underneath furniture and rugs and inside of closets and garages.

To keep these dangerous pests from entering the home, Arrow Exterminators recommends taking the following actions:
• Seal gaps and openings between walls and doors;
• Store firewood outside, stacked away from the home;
• Keep window screens in good repair;
• Keep grass closely mowed;
• Keep tree branches and other plants cut back and away from the house;
• Eliminate sources of standing water; and
• Store garbage in sealed containers and/or on frames that allow them to stand above the ground.