Undetected Termite Damage Forces Georgia Family from Their Home

According to the University of Georgia Department of Entomology, "In the Southeast, every yard in a suburban neighborhood will have a resident population (and more likely, populations) of subterranean termites." It's not if a home will be attacked, but when. The most frightening thing is this attack can often go undetected for years and while the damage is often significant, it is rarely covered by homeowners insurance. An unfortunate fact recently discovered by a Georgia homeowner when an entire wall of his home collapsed from undetected termite damage.

When purchasing the home nearly two years ago, the homeowner did not request an official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report. Previously required for all real estate transactions in Georgia, this report is no longer mandated at closing, but is invaluable in protecting unsuspecting buyers from hidden damage. Many think a traditional home inspection is enough and one was conducted on this home, but it did not uncover the significant existing termite damage.

The majority of home inspectors are not licensed to provide subterranean termite inspections and only structural pest control companies licensed by the State of Georgia can provide an official inspection report and a warranty that will protect the buyer if existing damage is initially undetected.