Arrow Exterminators Urges Homebuyers to Protect Themselves from Potential Infestations

According to the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, more than 2,000,000 homes in the U.S. will require treatment for an active termite infestation this year and Florida's temperate climate provides a perfect environment for these destructive pests. This winter has been even warmer than normal triggering an early swarm season and indicating that termite population could reach an all-time high.

Termites swarm when seeking to expand their territory and form new colonies.  This is often the first time a homeowner becomes aware of a potential infestation, but termites are usually established in a home before they swarm.  However, the absence of swarming around a home does not mean the home is free of termite activity.  Additional signs of an infestation include mud tunneling and/or darkening and blistering of wood.  Subterranean termites will take advantage of the smallest defect to enter and infest a home and once inside will chew 24 hours a day through concrete, wood, floors, carpeting and wallpaper causing more damage each year than storms and fires combined - an estimated $5 Billion that is rarely covered by homeowners insurance.

To protect their families and their investment, Arrow recommends that homeowners invest in a 24/7/365 Florida termite protection plan and have their property inspected annually by a licensed pest professional.