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Atlanta Georgia Mosquito, Ant & Insect Control Services to Protect Your Home and Family

How Pests Can Affect Your Health

There are a number of common household pests, including mosquitos, ants, wasps and roaches, which can be more than just an inconvenience to Atlanta homeowners.  These insects can be a real threat to you and your family due to diseases they carry.  Other health concerns from certain pest encounters (i.e. wasp stings or spider bites) include allergic reactions or even visits to the emergency room.



The following are some of the bug control services which Arrow offers in the Atlanta area:

  • Ant extermination and control - Typically if you see an ant in your home, there are many more to follow.  Not only are ants social insects, they have the potential to contaminate food, causing a health risk to you and your family.   Arrow's ant control solutions include identifying the conditions in and around your home that support ant populations.  Our Atlanta ant extermination services treat both inside and outside your home for effective ant control and prevention in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

  • Fire ant extermination and control - Discovering a fire ant mound in your yard can be unpleasant, especially if you're a victim of their painful stings.  Fire ants work together and will attack anyone who comes near their nest.  Arrow Exterminators offers a fire ant exterminator solution that will protect your family while providing year-round fire ant protection.

  • Wasp control and extermination - Wasps are aggressive in nature and will sting to protect their colonies.  Each year, wasps and other stinging insects send more than 500,000 people to the emergency room, a frightening statistic!  Arrow's Atlanta insect and wasp control service provides wasp extermination from our trained and licensed pest professionals, ensuring proper removal and prevention of future infestations.

  • Roach control and extermination - Cockroaches can aggravate asthma in children due to allergens found in cockroach saliva, droppings, and their decomposing bodies.  Cockroaches can also contaminate food and countertops because they carry bacteria such as E coli and salmonella on their bodies.  Arrow Exterminators Atlanta roach control services provide inspection, identification and treatment both inside and outside your home to alleviate current roach problems and ensure complete roach extermination.
  • Spider control and prevention - Although spiders only bite humans in defense, their bites can be very painful -- and in the case of black widow spiders - can cause severe reactions in young children and the elderly.  Our Atlanta spider control solutions emphasize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that includes inspection, identification, and treatment in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.
  • Stink Bug Control & Prevention - Stink bugs, also referred to as shield bugs, are most often found by Atlanta homeowners feeding on plants around the home.   They are named appropriately due to the odor they emit when crushed or disturbed.  Because these pests are difficult to control, stink bug extermination should be performed by a professional pest control expert.  Our Atlanta stink bug control experts will evaluate your property and develop a plan specific to your needs to ensure total stink bug extermination.
The STEPS® Total Protection System™ from Arrow Exterminators

Since 1964, Arrow Exterminators in Atlanta has been protecting homes and families with highly effective bug control services.  All of our Atlanta, Georgia pest control services are 100% guaranteed under the STEPS® Total Protection System and incorporate our three-step process known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

To learn more about our STEPS® Total Protection System, click here.

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"Thank you Joe (Joe Borillo, Atlanta Pest Control Professional) for rearranging your completely booked schedule in order to make an emergency trip to our house.   You saved the weekend - the fleas were wiped out and we enjoyed a fun weekend with our houseguest.  Flea free!!" - Jeb Brees

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