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Texas Termite Protection

Comprehensive Ft. Worth & Dallas Termite Extermination Services to Protect your Home and Family

Fort Worth and Dallas Termite Threats

Each year termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars in damage which is rarely covered by homeowners insurance. Termites are primarily found in the south but are present in every state except Alaska. If you live in the south, it's not if you will get termites, but when. A Fort Worth and Dallas termite inspection by a licensed termite exterminator is the first step in termite control..

Introducing STEPS® Total Protection System

Offering unsurpassed Dallas and Fort Worth termite control and protection since 1964, Arrow Exterminators goes Beyond the Call to protect your family's health and property while caring for our environment. Arrow Exterminators, a Texas termite exterminator, is proud to offer our STEPS® Total Protection System, a company-wide movement that is reflected in every step of the way we do business. STEPS® utilizes our expertise in Integrated Pest Management and the most advanced termite extermination technology available to provide industry-leading termite treatment in Dallas and Fort Worth for your family.

Protect Your Investment and Preserve Your Environment Dallas & Fort Worth Termite Control

An integral part of the STEPS® Total Protection System is the Sentricon ® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active™ advanced technology, a termite prevention method preferred by more homeowners than any other brand. In fact, Sentricon has been chosen to protect more than two million structures including the White House and the Statue of Liberty. When it was introduced, Sentricon revolutionized termite protection. Now, with over a decade of proven performance behind it, Sentricon has become the gold standard for termite protection in Texas.

Ft Worth & Dallas termite inspection and prevention is the key to protecting your property and providing you with peace-of-mind. By working with Arrow Exterminators, Dallas and Fort Worth's termite control specialists, you receive unsurpassed termite protection in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Your total satisfaction is guaranteed.*

With the STEPS® Total Protection System, all of our Texas termite control services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our reputation on standing by our customers with the best termite protection guarantee in the business.

Lifetime agreement. 
As long as you elect to renew your ongoing Dallas & Ft. Worth termite treatment agreement each year, Arrow Exterminators will provide your termite protection exactly as stipulated in your contract.*

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