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Protect Your Investment and Preserve Your Environment with the Sentricon® System

An integral part of the STEPS Total Protection System is the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active™ advanced technology, preferred by more homeowners than any other brand. In fact, the Sentricon System has been chosen to protect more than two million structures, including the Statue of Liberty, the White House, the Alamo and other national treasures.

When it was introduced, the Sentricon System revolutionized termite protection. Now, with over a decade of proven performance behind it, the Sentricon System has become the gold standard for termite colony elimination.

We Eliminate the Termite Colony and more.

As the cornerstone of your termite protection, your Arrow Exterminators Service Professional will place Sentricon stations (with bait in each station) in the soil around your home. This new, Always Active™ technology, provides termite protection for your property 24/7, 365 days a year.  As soon as termites find the Sentricon station they will begin feeding. The Recruit HD bait is ingested by the workers and then carried back to the colony to be shared. This continues until the colony is eliminated.

Even after the colony has been eliminated, the bait matrix and your Arrow Exterminators Service Professional continue to guard your property against the invasion of any new termite colonies.  You can rest assure that your home and family are being protected around the clock.

It's Easy to See Why More People Prefer the Sentricon System.

As with every facet of the STEPS Total Protection System, the Sentricon System is designed to deliver maximum effectiveness with minimal invasiveness:

• No drilling in floors and foundations
• No trenching
• No scheduling hassles

Get tough on termites, not the environment.

The Sentricon System has been developed with utmost care and respect for the environment.   Sentricon uses only a few grams of an active ingredient in each bait station. After a thorough assessment of your property, your Arrow Exterminators Home Evaluator will recommend and design a STEPS Total Protection System utilizing our expertise in Integrated Pest Management and the most advanced termite protection technology available, the Sentricon baiting system with Always Active™.

Sentricon Earned One of the Federal Government's Top Environmental Honors


Introducing STEPS® Total Protection System

Arrow Exterminators has been family owned and operated since 1964.  We go Beyond the Call® to ensure that we keep the health of your family first in our minds while taking steps to protect our environment.  We believe there is no reason to be tough on our planet just to be tough on pesky bugs.  This belief has transformed into a company-wide movement - the STEPS Total Protection System.  STEPS (Sustainability Through Environmental Practices and Solutions) is setting the standard for our industry when defining true, total protection for your family.

With STEPS, our team of professionals is focused on providing your family with a healthier home, community and planet - something we can all feel good about.

A Whole-Home Evaluation That's as Careful as It Is Thorough

At Arrow Exterminators, our relationship with you begins by conducting a complete evaluation of your entire home (inside and out).  We go to great lengths to always remember that you are welcoming us into your family's home and we will take every measure possible to treat your home the same way that you do, with care and respect.

We first meet to discuss any and all infestation signs that you may be noticing.  Our trained and licensed service professional will then look for entry points and other pest activity that is sometimes difficult to notice without proper training.  This thorough inspection is vital to the successful removal of unwanted termites and pests.  These types of entries are often very different.  Most termite infestations begin in the soil, and we will assess areas of your home that are sometimes difficult to reach.  Most common pests (cockroaches and ants, for example) can use a variety of entry points to gain access to your home.  The most common are rooflines, window gaps and slight openings under doors.

The STEPS Total Protection System is the best way to evaluate the root cause of any pest issue that you are experiencing and provides the best solution to protect your home from current issues or future recurrence.

So much more to feel good about.

Your total satisfaction is guaranteed.*
With the STEPS® Total Protection System, all of our services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our reputation on standing by our customers with the best guarantee in the business.

Lifetime agreement. 
As long as you elect to renew your ongoing protection agreement each year, Arrow Exterminators will provide your termite protection exactly as stipulated in your contract.*

If you sell, your Arrow Exterminators guarantee becomes a bonus feature. 
Arrow Exterminators will be happy to transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner with no transfer fee. So continuous protection is assured at no additional cost to the buyer. That's something else you can feel good about.

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