Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arrow Exterminators Summer Internship Program in Full Swing

Summer Interns Learn About the Pest Control Industry

Atlanta based Arrow Exterminators is pleased to announce the second year of its summer internship program. With a wide variety of backgrounds, these summer interns will work across numerous business departments to learn about the pest control industry. From Human Resources and Training to Sales and Marketing, opportunities abound in our industry and these folks are learning it from the inside.

"Hiring, training and retaining the best people is an integral part of our Vision," said Shay Runion, Vice President Human Resources and Professional Development. "Providing opportunities to learn about industry and the various career paths that are available is a great way to attract young, talented individuals who will be the future of our company. "Our interns spend two full days learning all about Arrow Exterminators and our unique culture and as well as about the industry before they receive their department assignment based on their interests."

"I used to think the pest control industry was just a bunch of "bug people." After my first day as an intern, I thought Arrow was just a bunch of very enthusiastic "bug people." Now I realize that the exterminating industry is not just about killing insects. That's the service Arrow provides, but at the core, Arrow is a professionally run business that protects the homes of many. People spend a lot of money buying houses and insuring them, and pest control is a key part of that package. This industry protects homes from damages, saves families from disease, and makes life much less irritating." said Alex Link, an incoming Freshman to Georgia Tech University.

Runion went on to say, "Our commitment to training and professional development through Arrow University cannot be understated. By bringing in these talented individuals at a young age, they get to see what a dynamic industry we all work in and will hopefully choose to begin their careers with us when they are ready."