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Our Services

We are an Atlanta, Georgia exterminator that has been protecting our customers' families and homes for over 50 years. Our industry leading STEPS® Total Protection System™ is designed to provide you with a pest-free environment both inside and outside your home using the most environmentally responsible methods available today.

Our Services
  • Pests have long been a threat to the quality of life we all enjoy with their ability to spread bacteria, transmit diseases and cause significant property damage. Arrow’s highly trained and licensed professionals will protect your home to provide a pest-free environment inside and out.

  • Each year termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars in damage which is rarely covered by homeowners insurance. It’s not IF your home will encounter termites but WHEN, making termite control a necessity.

  • Mosquitoes can become such a problem that they actually keep you from enjoying your yard. Additionally, mosquitoes pose a significant health threat due to diseases they can carry. It's a serious issue, which is why you should give serious consideration to a customized mosquito control program for your home.

  • Ants are extremely social insects so one or two ants in your home will quickly become an infestation and these tiny invaders are dangerous contaminates to food. With our common household pest control service, our highly trained and licensed professionals will protect your family and home from these pests.

  • Hearing scratching and scurrying noises in your attic or walls can be very unsettling and often indicates that wildlife such as rats, squirrels and raccoons has taken up residence in your home. The wildlife control and exclusion experts at Arrow Exterminators will get these unwanted guests out and more importantly, keep them out.

  • Need a hand around the house? Our experienced craftsmen offer handyman and carpentry services for both residential and commercial customers. Our contractors are also professionally trained estimators, ensuring superior workmanship that is completed on time and on budget.

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"I am writing to let you know of the exceptional service I have received from Kara. She is so personable and followed through to make sure my request was taken care of immediately. Her interaction with me is a shining example of good customer service."


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