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Phoenix, AZ 85027

Top Pest Threats in Phoenix, AZ





Fleas & Ticks




Stinging Insects


Wildlife Threat Level

No one likes to be outside in the cold, including our local wildlife. This time of year, furry pests like squirrels, raccoons and roof rats are actively seeking shelter inside homes. If you hear strange noises in your attic or walls or notice droppings in your pantry or along the baseboards, it is likely that you have some new unwanted houseguests.


Rodents Threat Level

While rodents including mice, roof rats and Norway rats are a year-round problem in our area, this time of year they are actively seeking shelter indoors. These invaders reproduce very quickly, can cause significant structural damage by nesting and chewing, transmit bacteria and rarely travel alone often bringing fleas, ticks and mites into the home with them.


Termites Threat Level

Termites pose an intense threat to homes in our area year-round. Across the southern half of the country, every yard in a suburban neighborhood will likely have at least one and probably multiple colonies of subterranean termites.


Mosquitoes Threat Level

The local population of mosquitoes is at its peak this time of year and these pests are much more than just an incredible nuisance to residents. They present a significant health risk due to diseases they carry like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis which can be transmitted to your family and pets through a single bite.


Fleas & Ticks Threat Level

During the warmest months, flea and tick populations are at their peak in our area. These pests reproduce very quickly and they have become increasingly resistant to common treatment methods which allows the breeding cycle to continue. Additionally, they pose a significant health risk to both humans and pets as any warm-blooded host will do.


Scorpions Threat Level

Scorpions in our area are the most active this time of year and populations are at their peak. To avoid their painful and potentially life-threatening stings, residents should be aware that they enter homes in search of cool and dark hiding spots. They are often found lurking in shoes and clothing, under furniture and rugs and in garages and closets.


Squirrels Threat Level

As the temperatures cool, squirrels will begin seeking a warm place to call home for the winter and your home could be the perfect spot. Unusual noises in your attic or walls or droppings in your pantry or along the baseboards are signs that some unwanted guests have moved in.


Ants Threat Level

Populations of our local ant species like Argentine, Pharaoh and Odorous House Ants begin to rapidly increase this time of year and they are all in search of sources of food and water. A minor problem can quickly become a major infestation as different ant species require different methods of treatment making them very difficult for homeowners to control on their own.


Stinging Insects Threat Level

Wasps, Hornets and Yellowjackets send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each year and their populations are high in our area this time of year. These pests are very territorial and will attack in large numbers if they feel threatened. Residents should avoid nests and cover food and drink when outdoors to avoid an unwanted air assault.

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