Moisture Control Solutions

Moisture Control Problems Are Expensive

Excessive moisture in and around your home, including the foundation and crawl space, can lead to significant damage over time, such as wood rot and decay, warped flooring, fungus spores, mold, mildew and unhealthy air. Additionally, dark, damp areas are the perfect habitat for termite infestations. The moisture control experts at Arrow Exterminators will thoroughly inspect in and around your home to identify any areas of concern. From there, they will customize a moisture control solution to fit your individual needs.

Our Moisture Control Services include: 

Automatic Foundation Vents

Proper ventilation is the key moisture control under the home. Automatic foundation vents from Arrow will open and close on their own as temperatures fluctuate providing an added level of protection from moisture damage and termite infestations as well as savings on energy costs.

Gutters and Gutter Guards

Clogged or damaged gutters are more than just an unattractive nuisance. They trap moisture against the home and prevent proper drainage. This creates an environment conducive to pest infestations and can lead to significant structural damage over time. Additionally, they can provide an easy food source for unwanted guests like rats and squirrels. As a part of the STEPS® Total Protection System™, Arrow Exterminators offers cleaning, repair and replacement of damaged gutters and installation of state-of-the art gutter guards to prevent future problems. Let our team of highly trained and experienced experts check this “to-do” off your list.

Crawl Space Solutions - Vapor Barrier & Encapsulation

Excessive moisture in the crawl space of your home can cause significant damage over time including:

  • Termite Infestations
  • Warped Flooring
  • Wood Rot and Decay
  • Fungus Spores and Unhealthy Air


There are many benefits to our professional crawl space encapsulation services including improved indoor air quality, energy savings, reduced power bills and even an increase in the value of your home. Our team of experts will provide a customized solution for your specific needs with our professional crawl space sealing and dehumidification services.

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Customer Testimonials

  • John J. was amazing and did a great job getting the large project organized and completed. The handymen (Greg M., Kevin C., Joey H., Tyler N. and Robert C.) also did a fantastic job. I could not be happier with the work that was done. All the guys worked together to get the column installed and I...

    - Mr. S

  • Arrow just completed some mold removal and humidity correction work at my home in Sparta, Georgia. Your technician, Glynn T., did an excellent job. He was thorough, courteous and professional. I am glad I chose Arrow as a service provider and as my pest control company.

    - Anthony S.

  • Hello, just wanted to give high praise for Greg. He was very professional, efficient and considerate of my time. He gave me excellent advice to fix the window alarm monitor that was above and beyond what was required to fix our window. I would have had no idea how to fix it and would have had to ...

    - Todd V.

  • I just called to let management know what an outstanding job Glynn did for us during a moisture control treatment at our home. He had to deal with a low crawl area during cold weather conditions and never slowed down until the job was done correctly. Glynn did a fine job of representing Arrow Ext...

    - Frank M.

  • Recently Greg M. did some repair work in my garage. He did an excellent job and was very conscious about his work. Greg is definitely good for Arrow's PR and I respect Arrow even more since Greg has worked at my house. I have been a customer of Arrow since the 1960's. As a realtor, I recommend Ar...

    - Barbara K.

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