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Termite Threats

Every year, termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars in damage. They primarily feed on wood, but will consume practically any wood product, from furniture to books, even the insulation in your walls. The startling fact is, termites do more damage to homes than fires and storms combined.

While the damage caused by subterranean termites is not as outwardly dramatic as a fire or storm, it can be significantly more disastrous from a financial standpoint. That's because the damage often goes undetected for long periods of time. And, when it is finally discovered, the damage can be substantial yet is rarely covered by insurance. The homeowner is confronted with not one, but two devastating blows.

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Although termites pose a more serious problem in the south, they are present in every state except Alaska. Just one subterranean colony can contain thousands, sometimes millions of termites. The workers forage continuously for food, carrying it back to the colony where it is shared and these ever-expanding colonies don't stand still. Reproductive termites can be observed in early spring and summer swarming from an existing colony to establish a new one in another location.

As we build communities, we increasingly encroach on the termites' habitat, removing their native food source and leaving them with little alternative but to search for another - our homes. Because they work silently behind the scenes, it can be years before evidence of their destruction becomes visible, long after serious damage to your home has already been done.

To enter your house, all termites need is the tiniest gap in concrete, mortar or metal to slip through. Once inside that gap, their voracious hunger for wood takes over. These cunning little engineers construct air and moisture tight shelter tubes leading from the colony in the soil to the wood in your home. Termite tubes can go up wires, along pipes, around so-called "termite shields" and even extend free of any support. Busy workers use these tubes as their "freeways," constantly commuting between the food source (your house) and their colony in the soil.

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