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February 22, 2022

Are Rodents Nesting in My Home?

So, you think you spotted a mouse in your house. Welcome to the club of nearly 14.8 million homes in America that have reported rodents. If you spot one of these furry pests getting cozy in your home, could that mean you potentially have an infestation on your hands?

Here are six telltale signs that indicate you’ve probably got more than one rodent roommate crawling around.

1. Droppings Near Food

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “don’t poop where you eat.” Apparently, rodents have never heard of such a thing. Mice and rats often leave droppings behind near food sources around cabinets, on countertops, under stovetops and in drawers. Don’t hesitate to get professional pest control help if you see these signs. Even one or two droppings can be an indicator of a full-blown infestation.

2. Holes and Gnaw Marks

Anyone who’s watched Tom and Jerry knows that rodents love holes — but they might not look like the ones you see in the cartoons. To check if you have an infestation, look for chew marks or holes with rough, gnawed edges, and don’t overlook the small ones. Mouse holes are only about the size of a dime, while rat holes are about the size of a quarter.

3. Rub Marks

Rats and mice tend to follow the same pathways repeatedly, often following the edges of walls. After a while, the oil from their fur can leave a trail on the floor or wall. These greasy rub marks are usually sooty gray or brown in color. If you find some, you might even be able to trace them back to a hole in your wall or foundation.

4. A Stale or Musky Smell

Catching musky whiffs or ammonia scents around the house? You may have a rodent problem. The smell of urine in mice-infested homes is often extra prominent in enclosed areas like pantries, cabinets and closets — the places they frequent most.

5. Nests or Nesting Materials

Rodents are the worst housemates because they borrow your stuff and never give it back. Mice and rats like to make themselves at home with a nest made of materials from around your house. If you see shredded paper, string, plant matter or fabric scattered about, rodents might be the culprits.

6. Scratching or Tapping Sounds

Despite the phrase, “quiet as a mouse,” rodents can get pretty rowdy. These pests are most active after dark, so if mysterious scraping, chewing or tapping sounds keep you up at night, you might have an infestation.

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