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Pill Bug Control & Extermination


Pill Bug Infestations

Pill bugs, also known as roly-polies, earned their nickname from a defensive habit of rolling into a ball when disturbed. Although they are called bugs, they are actually land-dwelling crustaceans with a distinct flattened profile, seven pairs of legs and jagged antennae.

Pill bugs thrive in humid and wet climates. These nocturnal creatures hide during the day but start to cause trouble at night. They conceal themselves beneath wet wood, mulch and flowerpots, and they love to gather near outside trashcans. During a humid night, it’s common to spot dozens of pill bugs outside a home. If this sounds familiar, contact us for total pill bug control.

If they venture inside your home, pill bugs’ favorite hangout spots are near water pipes and stone slabs. They are also typically spotted under flowerpots and trashcans. High humidity levels are necessary for pill bugs to comfortably live, which is why they can be so common in Southern houses.

These insects can infest homes by sneaking through sliding glass doors and other ground-level entries, and can also enter through garage door openings, basements and crawl spaces.

Once these bugs claim your home, they will burrow into deep crevices, including structural edges, rubber piles or compost heaps. If you spot more than one roly-poly inside your home, a large population is most likely thriving outside. Once the bugs find out about the free indoor buffet, more roly-polies might join their friends inside.

These little crustaceans are scavengers. They feed on decaying plants, grass clippings, trash and even pet droppings. They do not bite people or deposit eggs indoors because of the dry temperatures; however, pill bugs can devour indoor and outside vegetation, causing significant damage to your landscaping or garden.

The Arrow Solution

Don’t tackle pill bug extermination by yourself — contact Arrow Exterminators for efficient and environmentally friendly pill bug extermination. Don’t share your home with these pests and don’t let them terrorize your outdoor landscaping. We’ll set you up with a free, whole home evaluation and determine the best solution to prevent and eliminate any pill bug issues.

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