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Centipede Control & Extermination


Centipede Infestations

Centipedes originally earned their name from the idea that they had 100 legs. Actually, these elongated arthropods have between 15 and 177 pairs of legs divided between each segment of their red-brown bodies. Centipedes are also equipped with distinct antennae and maxilliped fangs used to seek out and immobilize their prey.

These pests are particularly vivacious, because, unlike most insects, their average lifespan ranges from two to five years. Also, they maneuver extremely well and can evade attacks from predators, but Arrow’s professional centipede extermination ensures they can’t hide.

Some of centipedes’ natural habitats include dark, moist and secluded dwellings, like under rocks and logs. They love these wet environments and also thrive in rotting wood. They can burrow deep into the ground, and are attracted to spots filled with other small bugs to eat.

They are carnivores and forage for worms, spiders and small vertebrates at night. Centipedes detect prey with their antennae and sting their food with paralyzing venom. If you attack one of these pests, beware — they may bite you, causing pain and swelling similar to a bee sting.

Due to their slender and malleable bodies, centipedes can slip indoors through small cracks around the foundation of homes. You will most likely find them around bathrooms, closets or basements, but they are hard to spot, and effectively remove, because of their nocturnal habits.

The most commonly encountered species that invade homes are house centipedes (Scutigera coleoptrata). If you turn on the lights and spot one of these fast moving predators on the wall, contact Arrow Exterminators immediately for efficient centipede extermination.

The Arrow Solution

The service professionals at Arrow Exterminators offer expert solutions to any pest problem. Our highly trained staff will efficiently exterminate any centipedes invading your property. We use innovative solutions to protect both the inside and outside of your home. Our Total Protection System starts with a free, whole home evaluation.

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