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Arrow's Core Values

  • Passion: We are fanatical about our people and our customers, delivering uncompromised service and value.
  • Safety: Personal safety and team member well-being are our greatest responsibilities, followed by the protection of our environment and company property.
  • Excellence: We operate with a sense of positive discontent — we are never satisfied with the status quo.
  • Growth: We are passionate for beneficial growth. We realize that growth is the key to security, opportunity and innovation.
  • Motivation: We celebrate success, recognizing and rewarding the achievements of individuals and teams.
  • Innovation: We strive to find better ways to satisfy our customers, be more productive and have a strong competitive advantage.
  • Initiative: We take the initiative to do what is right with a clear conscience.
  • Community: We give back to, and are an integral part of, the communities we serve.