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Stink Bug Infestations

The brown marmorated stink bug, or halyomorpha halys species, commonly infests homes in the South. They possess a distinct shield-shaped body with straight antennae and a piercing mouth, and adults are normally just under an inch long with a mottled-brown coloring.

They primarily have a plant-based diet and feed on fruits and vegetables — some of their favorite snacks are apples, peaches, tomatoes and green peppers. If you keep fresh produce in your home, you’re likely to find stink bugs chowing down on some of your groceries.

Stink bugs make their move indoors during the late summer to avoid the cold winter temperatures. They find cracks and small openings in your home and hide inside walls, attics and crawl spaces. Once spring arrives, they make their move into the open. Stink bugs will gravitate toward open windows and cracks in foundation to enjoy the warmer weather or hunt for food. If you try to take out a stink bug on your own, they may omit a fowl odor (hence the name). They can cause allergic reactions in some people, and, if they come in contact with skin, stink bugs can cause an itchy rash. They don’t cause structural damage, but they can devour your produce and invade in large numbers. 

The Arrow Solution

Arrow Exterminators can handle the biggest pest infestations. Let our licensed professionals take care of your bug issue with a stink bug control program. We use the most advanced and environmentally friendly protocol to rid your home of pests, both inside and outside your property. Schedule a free, pest inspection for stink bug control today.

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