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Spider Infestations

Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders, and there are very few people in the world who can claim they don’t share this common condition. Only some spiders are venomous, but they’re still unwelcome guests in any home. Because some of these pests are dangerous, spider control should always be handled by professionals — and our certified experts at Arrow have you covered.

The parasteatoda tepidariorum species of spider is the most common type to infiltrate homes. Referred to by many experts as American house spiders, they are typically brown or gray with distinct chevron markings on their bodies. These arachnids have eight, single-lens eyes, and their bodies are divided into two distinct sections: the cephalothorax and the abdomen.

Brown recluse and black widow spiders are less common species of spiders, but they are a lot more dangerous. Brown recluse spiders possess a wide leg span and are about the size of a quarter. They typically hide around the basement and if they bite you, the area will require medical attention. However, black widow spiders are much more dangerous. You will notice a distinct red hourglass marking on their shiny black body. They may hide in the garage, basement, closet and cluttered areas. Their bites can cause chest pain, dizziness and nausea. Seek medical attention if you are bitten and call us immediately for total spider elimination.

Spiders gain entry to your home through small cracks and openings around doors, windows and your home’s foundation. Remember, spiders feed on insects, so if they are attracted to your home, it could be a clear sign that you already have a pest problem.

Typically, homeowners will first spot empty cobwebs in the corners of windows and rooms, or beneath fixtures and furniture. Spiders use their webs to trap insects for food. When prey make contact with the webs, vibrations signal to spiders that it’s time to eat. Aside from insects, they also devour other spiders and scorpions. These silken traps are abundant in infested homes and signal it’s time to contact a professional for spider control.

Staying on top of spider control in your home is crucial, particularly if you think you have a problem with black widow or brown recluse spiders. Female house spiders reproduce at alarming rates. They deposit 250 eggs per sac and develop up to 17 sacs in their lifetime (that’s over 4,000 eggs!). Male and female house spiders survive for up to a year, but they mate numerous times, resulting in startling populations. Spotting one spider in your home can mean there are a lot more, so let us take care of the problem with professional spider control solutions. 

The Arrow Solution

Arrow Exterminators delivers quality and effective service every time. Our team of highly trained and licensed professionals can treat your home for spider infestations and any other pest problem you may encounter. 

Our STEPS Total Protection System utilizes the most environmentally responsible extermination methods to give you peace of mind. Our experts go Beyond the Call to ensure complete pest protection both inside and outside your home. Contact us for a free, whole home evaluation for spider control today.

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Arrow Exterminators
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With the STEPS Total Protection System, all of our pest control services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our reputation on standing by our customers with the best guarantee in the business.

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