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Earwig Control & Extermination


Earwig Infestations

If a mysterious pest has destroyed your garden or indoor plants, it’s a good bet earwigs are to blame. Adult earwigs grow to around an inch and a half long, and they tend to look pretty scary with two large pincers sticking out from their abdomen. Despite how dangerous they look, earwigs don’t bite or sting, and their pincers don’t contain any venom or poisons.

(Fun fact: Their name comes from an old myth about how these pests would crawl inside a sleeping person’s ear and lay eggs inside their brain! Thankfully, this is completely false.)

While they may not bite you or crawl inside your ears, these pests can invite themselves on your property and cause some trouble. If you spot one in your garden, don’t worry. Give us a call for efficient earwig extermination.

There are over 20 species of earwigs in North America and over 1,800 worldwide. The three most common species in the country are European, red-legged and striped earwigs:

European Earwigs: This is the most commonly encountered species seen in the U.S., with a brown coloring and light-colored wings. 

Red-Legged Earwigs: This is a smaller earwig species that are brown-black in color. These bugs are more common in the South due to warmer temperatures.

U.S. Striped Earwigs: These insects are a larger species with a dark brown color and are also typically found in the South.

Earwigs love to hang outside your home but can easily enter through cracks or gaps along the perimeter of a structure. Typical points of entry include unscreened attic and foundation vents, access doors leading to crawl spaces, or foundation gaps. An earwig pest control appointment with us will reveal trouble areas these pests might be using to invade your property.

They can also enter covertly from a homeowner bringing in a pile of newspapers, books or lumber. They will resort to coming inside if the temperature drops in order to find a warmer shelter. If you have a damp, cluttered basement, there’s a good chance you have a few earwigs lurking around.

Earwigs love to lay low during the day and hide in potted plants, tree holes or gardens. If they enter the home, residents may find them near water sources, including kitchens, bathroom and laundries. In extreme cases, they may sneak around bedrooms and living rooms.

They feed on leaves, flowers, sweet fruits, mold and other bugs. They usually don’t cause much damage to the interior of homes, but have been known to terrorize gardens and devour potted plants. They have demanding appetites and love to eat both fresh and decaying vegetation. 

The Arrow Solution

We offer eco-friendly solutions to eliminate any earwig problem in or around your home. A pest professional at Arrow will evaluate points of entry, inspect your property for damage and develop a treatment plan effective for your family. Contact us today for thorough earwig pest control and extermination. 

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