Mergers & Acquisitions Testimonials

Naderphoto“Arrow perfectly matched the way I ran my company. Nader’s was family-run for 21 years, and I always believed in promoting a family culture in my business through our hiring, training and our relationships with customers and employees. I sold my company to Arrow in 2010, and they followed through 100 percent on everything promised.”

- Randy Nader, Business Development Manager, former owner of Nader’s Pest Control


"Arrow treated us like we treat our customers - like family. Not only did Arrow keep all 42 of our team members, but they also improved their benefits, gave raises and offered health insurance. Arrow replaced all of Knockout's trucks, installed a more sophisticated billing system and provided training for all team members. Arrow has proven that they will take care of their team members as well as their customers." 

- Sonny Adkison, former owner of Knockout Pest & Termite


“Joining Arrow Exterminators was the best career decision I’ve ever made. I owned a small company without the capital to grow, and Arrow aligned with me and my entire team. I’ve spent over 25 years with Arrow and loved every minute of it.”

- Larry Ownby, former owner of Sabre Exterminating


Naderphoto“When the time came for me to sell my business, I had to be sure all of my employees and customers would be taken care of. Arrow Exterminators was the perfect match. I knew the Thomas family through the industry, and from day one of the merger process they have been a great partner. Their passion and drive is truly unique. I have loved being a part of it!”

- Justin Warner, Regional Vice President of Operations, former owner of A-Action Exterminators


“I chose to sell my company to Arrow because of the many opportunities for my team to grow professionally. I know the Thomas family will fulfill its vision to make Arrow the largest privately held company, and I wanted my company to be a part of that growth.”

- Larry Novy, Commercial Services Technical Director, former owner of Sterling Pest Control


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