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Protect Your Family and Home From Bats, Opossums, Snakes and More

Many types of wildlife, including bats, opossums and snakes, can seek food and shelter inside your home. While their presence is certainly unsettling, it can also present a danger to the health of your family and home.

Bat Control & Removal

Bat Control: Removal of bats and entry pointsBats are nocturnal creatures that travel in colonies, and their large numbers can quickly cause problems for homeowners. They enter structures through spaces as small as a half an inch and often find their way inside via rooflines, chimneys, gables or vents, making attics a prime nesting location. Once inside, their extremely odorous droppings accumulate quickly and serve as a breeding ground for disease. Additionally, bats are known carriers of rabies and other insects like fleas and ticks. Following guidelines set by the Department of Natural Resources, our licensed bat control professionals will remove the problem and seal off entry points for full bat exclusion your home.

Opossum Control & Removal

Opossum Control and ProtectionOpossums are the only North American marsupial (females have a pouch on their belly wherein they carry and feed their young). These nocturnal mammals can reach 24 inches long and weigh 10 pounds. They are excellent climbers and a threat to homeowners if they take up residence in your attic. They leave behind large droppings that carry various parasites and diseases and are also known to steal garbage and pet food and harass pets. Arrow's opossum removal professionals have the experience and to keep your home and family protected from these, no matter how serious the opossum control situation.

Snake Control & Removal

Snake Control: Removal of snakes & exclusionSnakes become more active in the summer months, and while most snakes are harmless and even beneficial, finding them in your home or on your property can cause concern. Our snake control professionals have the training and experience to determine whether the snakes in and around your home are venomous, and they have the snake removal skills necessary for any situation. Should the problem you encounter be inside your home, our professionals will also determine how they are gaining entry and seal up any access points to prevent them from getting in again.

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Additional Wildlife Control Services

We offer additional wildlife control services, including skunk removal, soiled insulation removal, installation of new insulation and repair to any damaged areas. Many homeowners may not be aware, but these additional services are typically covered by homeowners insurance.

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