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Arrow employees volunteer at the 2009 Camp Twin Lakes Radiothon phone bank

Arrow is truly committed to the communities where we work and live. I recently had the opportunity, along with ten of my co-workers, to accept phone pledges during the Camp Twin Lakes Radiothon, a one-day event held each July. While manning the phone lines, our group had the opportunity to see the many faces of campers we were helping out as well as to hear the heartfelt stories of how the camp has positively impacted their lives. A total of $229,790 was raised during this event and in its first four years, the radiothon has raised more the $1M in support of Camp Twin Lakes. We couldn't have been more thrilled to have been a part of this important fund- raising effort.

Camp Twin Lakes is a special nonprofit organization that offers year-round recreational, therapeutic and educational programs to over 7,000 children throughout Georgia who face serious illnesses or other physical, emotional and life challenges. Arrow supports this cause through our board position and leadership as well as our corporate sponsorship. For more information on Camp Twin Lakes, visit

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