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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Latest Buzz on Carpenter Bees

Shay Runion

Is that faint buzzing noise outside your home making you crazy? First you thought it might be an air conditioner, right? Or, perhaps a lawnmower in the distance? Why won't it EVER stop? You can blame that persistant sound on this season's latest invaders -- carpenter bees. They're back and buzzing louder than ever throughout the south. Our Arrow offices in Georgia and Tennessee have also been buzzing -- with calls about carpenter bees, so heed our advice and be on the lookout for these potentially damaging pests.

If you haven't seen them yet this spring, here's what to look for: Carpenter bees are large bees that resemble bumble bees, but are differentiated by a bare and shiny black abdomen. Luckily, male carpenter bees do not have stingers, though they can still be quite aggressive and will hover in front of people who get near their nests. Steer clear of the females, though. They do have stingers, and will sting if provoked.

The real threat, however, may not be stinging, but destruction of your property, as carpenter bees live up to their name by voraciously excavating tunnels in wood to lay their eggs. They are attracted to soft woods like pine, cedar, redwood and cypress which make it easy for the bees to bore holes to create their nests. In turn, the holes weaken the wood, causing damage to decks, shingles, fences, windowsills and even wooden lawn furniture.

If you notice a swarm of carpenter bees in your area, be sure to contact Arrow Exterminators for help.


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