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The Sinister Pest of the West

While we normally blog about pests that affect all of our customers, this week we would like to do a special post for all of our Phoenix-based customers.

Phoenicians certainly encounter their share of rodents, wildlife and nuisance pests, but they also have to battle the dangerous, and sometimes lethal, scorpion. Most commonly found outdoors, it's important to keep an eye out for these pests inside of the home as well, since they are drawn toward cooler temperatures during the day.

As any smart Phoenician can attest, no one puts on a pair of shoes without checking for any guests that may be lurking inside! Scorpions can also be found hiding inside of clothing and underneath beds and rugs. Drawn also to dark, moist areas, scorpions can often be found gathering underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Since scorpions are extremely dangerous due to their potentially fatal sting, it's important to take preventative measures to keep them from entering the home:

  • Seal gaps between walls and doors;
  • Keep piles of wood stacked away from the home;
  • Keep window screens in good repair;
  • Keep grass closely mowed near the home;
  • Keep tree branches and other plants cut back and away from the house;
  • Eliminate sources of standing water; and
  • Store garbage in sealed containers and/or on frames that allow them to stand above the ground.

As the hot summer months continue, we hope these tips protect our customers from these sinister pests. May the only sting they encounter be that of the scorching summer sun!

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