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Think Green for National Pest Management Month

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April is celebrated as National Pest Management Month, which has been recognized by the President of the U.S. for the past 30 years. This special month is designated to honor the pest control industry and our dedicated professionals for protecting families, homes and property from serious pest-related problems.

As we continue our hard work to protect our valued customers, we're also committed to doing it in a more sustainable way. So we recently launched the STEPS™ Total Protection System, a company-wide initiative to provide homes and businesses property protection using the most effective and environmentally-responsible methods available today. STEPS is a straightforward three-step process that utilizes Integrated Pest Management, or IPM-widely accepted as the most environmentally-responsible approach to pest control today.

We feel this initiative has the potential to transform our industry, to go beyond pest control, and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Now that's something to think about as we once again celebrate National Pest Management Month and consider how our industry can continually evolve and play a key role in contributing to a healthier planet and communities.

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