Unwanted Spring Break Souvenirs

Arrow Exterminators Warns Travelers of Hitchhiking Pests

All the bags are packed and everything is ready to go, but before spring break travelers take off, local pest and termite control company Arrow Exterminators cautions them against accidentally bringing home unwanted souvenirs. Bed bugs, fleas and ants are notorious for their hitchhiking abilities and can wreak havoc in a home if undetected. Arrow Exterminators encourages travelers to maintain vigilance, offering tips to avoid bringing any of these unwanted pests home.

How to Avoid Pests on Spring Break

"Spring break is always a great time to remind people of the many hitchhiking pests that can come home after a vacation. Bed bugs, fleas and ants can be a particular nuisance - breeding rapidly and causing health problems," said Shay Runion, Arrow Pest Expert. "While the goal of a vacation is to relax, it's important to be as mindful of these pests as possible. Many pest problems can be easily avoided with a quick inspection before settling in a hotel room and by thoroughly washing all clothing - whether worn or not - upon returning home."

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the number one enemy of spring break travelers this year. Making a strong resurgence due to increased international travel, these nocturnal pests can be hard to spot. About the size of an apple seed, they are often found in mattresses, bed frames, suitcases, boxes and shoes. Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases but they do leave behind painful, itchy welts on their victims and there can be lasting emotional and psychological effects from an infestation. When arriving at a hotel, inspect mattress seams and headboards closely for signs of bedbugs, and check bedding for blood spots. If bed bugs are detected, request to be moved to another room, and preferably one not neighboring the infested location. When returning home, inspect and vacuum suitcases before bringing inside and wash all clothing.


Fleas are another pest travelers need to be aware of. While they are typically associated with the family pet, fleas have been making a strong resurgence in recent years due to their increased resistance to products currently on the market. Attracted to warm-blooded hosts, including humans, fleas leave behind painful, itchy bumps on their victims. Like bed bugs, they are excellent hitchhikers and can quickly attach to clothing and luggage. To avoid flea infestations, make sure your hotel room is vacuumed daily.


Last, but not least, ants are another pest that can add a sour note to a vacation. With more than 700 different species in the United States alone, ants can be found virtually everywhere. While most ants are largely considered to be a nuisance, there are a few species that can inflict harm. In particular, Red Imported Fire Ants will sting humans if they are disturbed, leaving behind painful, raised welts. Like with bed bugs and fleas, it's important to inspect hotel rooms thoroughly before settling in. To prevent an ant infestation, make sure all food is stored in sealed containers and that trash cans are emptied daily. If indulging in room service, request for the tray to be removed from the room immediately after dining.

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