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Fire Ant Control

With Fire Ants, Time is of the Essence

Discovering a colony of fire ants on your property is a situation that requires immediate expert attention from a fire ant exterminator. Fire ant control is important, as they are extremely territorial and will attack anyone that comes near their nest. Just one sting from a fire ant is painful and usually results in a raised welt. However, these highly organized ants work together. So in most cases, these encounters aren't limited to just one sting. Those who wander too close to a nest often suffer numerous stings from multiple fire ants in just a matter of seconds.

Fire Ant Prevention: Make Your Outdoors Great Again

When fire ants invade, they can greatly impact your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. With the specialized training and expertise to rid your property of these formidable pests, you can trust Arrow Exterminators® to help reclaim your yard so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

As part of the STEPS ® Total Protection System, we utilize a method of fire ant control which delivers very impressive results as well as an excellent environmental profile. Our goal is total elimination of the fire ant colony using the most environmentally responsible means available. To achieve this, Arrow Exterminators offers our year round fire ant prevention and protection service.

Year-Round Protection - In neighborhoods with especially high fire ant concentrations, year-round protection is the recommended choice for control. This fire ant control service includes quarterly inspections and necessary treatments and guarantees year-round control.

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With the STEPS Total Protection System, all of our services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our reputation on standing by our customers with the best guarantee in the business.

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Arrow Exterminators offers fire ant control & prevention services in the following states:







North Carolina

South Carolina



Arrow Exterminators also offers fire ant control services in other Florida locations through our subsidiary company, Hughes Exterminators. These services and locations include, but are not limited to:

Bradenton fire ant control

Naples ant extermination

Port Charlotte fire ant extermination

Sarasota ant prevention

Tampa fire ant prevention

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