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Arizona Rodent Control & Bird Prevention

How Rodents, Pigeons and Other Wildlife Can Affect Your Health

Rodents, pigeons and other wildlife can have harmful effects upon your health, your family's health as well as cause damage to your home. It is important to fully understand the dangers stemming from these types of infestations. Below is a more detailed overview of the health risks associated with particular rodents and birds.

Phoenix Rodent Control: Rat & Mouse Extermination

Rodents (such as mice, rats. chipmunks and squirrels) can enter a home through almost any opening or crack. It is important to inspect for rodent droppings, especially in undisturbed areas such as pantries, under baseboards, in attics and along walls. Rodent droppings most often cause allergic reactions in human beings but can also cause disease, including the potentially deadly Hantavirus. More frequently, though, rodents serve as vectors, carrying bacteria, such as salmonella, on their bodies and contaminating food sources, kitchen surfaces and equipment. Arrow's trained  Phoenix Arizona rodent control professionals can offer the expertise and knowledge of rodent biology to best protect your health and rid your home of a rodent infestation.

Phoenix Bird & Pigeon Control

Pigeons are filthy birds and carry many other pests on them, such as fleas, ticks and mites, which pose their own health dangers to the public, including lime disease. Pigeons themselves are known to carry several diseases and can contaminate food, causing salmonella poisoning. Arrow's trained Phoenix Arizona pigeon & bird control specialists have the expertise and equipment necessary to rid your property of these creatures. We can not only safely eliminate the pigeons but can also help determine where and why these animals are infiltrating your property and how to eliminate the conducive conditions to prevent future problems.

Phoenix Rat & Rodent extermination you can trust

Arrow's rodent control Arizona professionals are specially equipped to handle most urban and suburban wildlife management situations. As part of the STEPS® Total Protection System, our Arizona rodent control services include mice control, rat extermination, bird control, squirrel control as well as protecting your home against other critters such as raccoons, opossums, snakes, bats, skunks, moles, chipmunks and more. And our rodent exterminators don't stop at getting them out. Our licensed and experienced Phoenix rodent control specialists will pinpoint how the unwanted guests are finding their way in and provide a detailed rodent extermination plan to keep them out permanently. Arrow also offers total removal, disinfection and reinstallation of damaged insulation.

Rodent Control & Prevention Tips:

There are a number of pest-proofing measures that Phoenix Arizona homeowners can take to protect their home and families from the threats posed by rodents and birds. Arrow's Arizona rodent & bird control specialists recommend the following:

• Store boxes and containers off the floor and organize items often to prevent rodents, suchs as mice or rats, from residing in undisturbed areas.

• Store food in thick metal or plastic containers with tight lids.
• Clean up spilled food right away immediately and wash dishes and cooking utensils soon after use.
• Keep outside cooking areas and grills clean.
• Seal cracks and holes, including areas where utilities and pipes enter the home.
• Keep bird feeders away from the house and use squirrel guards to limit access to the feeder by squirrels and other rodents.
• Do not leave pet food or water bowls out overnight.
• Keep grains and animal feed in thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids. In the evening, return uneaten animal feed to containers with lids.
• Use a thick plastic or metal garbage can with a tight lid and keep sealed at all times.
• If you find rodent feces, hear sounds of scurrying in the walls or observe other signs of a rodent infestation, contact one of Arrow's licensed rodent control specialists in Atlanta Georgia to inspect and treat the pest problem.

Bird & Pigeon Control Prevention Tips:

• Screen off potential nesting areas such as eaves and rooflines.
• Seal or cover vents and gutters to deter birds.
• Make sure to clean up food spills promptly and keep trashcans covered. By denying birds and pigeons of a continuous food source, they will seek shelter elsewhere.

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