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North Carolina Wildlife Control

Comprehensive Kannapolis & Charlotte Wildlife Control Services to Protect Your Home and Family

Wildlife Threats to your Family & Property:

Rodents and other pests (such as squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks and bats) can easily enter a home through small cracks or openings. Telltale signs that you've had an intruder include noises in the attic or rodent droppings found in pantries, under baseboards or in attics. These droppings can cause allergic reactions in humans and may even lead to diseases including Hantavirus, a potentially deadly disease. To best protect your health and property from squirrels, rats and other home intruders, Arrow's licensed and trained Charlotte wildlife pest control professionals can offer the expertise you need.

Learn more about our Kannapolis & Charlotte raccoon control, trapping and exclusion services, squirrel control and wildlife control solutions in the sections below:

Charlotte Squirrel Control & Exclusion:

If you hear noises in the attic, chances are you may have a ground squirrel control problem. As temperatures start to drop in the fall, squirrels enter homes looking for warm surroundings and a place to nest for the winter. Squirrel problems can be considerable for homeowners. Not only can squirrels make holes in the exterior trim or siding of your property from which they will gain entry, once inside they can continue their destruction by gnawing on electrical wiring that could potentially cause a short and even a fire. Additionally, squirrels can be carriers of fleas and other unwanted organisms.

Getting rid of squirrels in Charlotte may not require squirrel extermination. Rather, our trained and licensed Charlotte squirrel control specialists will locate and seal off all open entry points that will prevent squirrels from entering your home in the future. In addition, our wildlife control services include live trapping and removal. For more information on Arrow's  Charlotte squirrel exterminator services (exclusion and removal), please call 1-888-GO-ARROW or  click here for your free home evaluation.

Charlotte Raccoon Control (Exclusion & Trapping):

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal mammals that feed on berries, insects, fruit, chicken and small mammals. Although they live mostly in wooded areas, they adapt extremely well to urban and suburban environments where they often nest beneath decks or in attics or crawl spaces to which they have gained access and where they will raise their young.

Raccoons are known carriers of rabies and their droppings may lead to fleas and other parasites. They are extremely adept with their hands (such as opening garbage cans, removing siding, tearing off shingles, etc.) and because they are a real threat to your health and property, raccoon control service is crucial in protecting your Charlotte home and family from these nuisance pests.

Getting rid of raccoons in or around your home may not require raccoon extermination. Instead, Arrow's Charlotte raccoon control specialists will trap and remove these critters via live trapping methods. To keep raccoons from reentering your home, our Charlotte raccoon exterminators will also perform exclusions methods which entail using metal flashing, metal mesh to cover any and all possible entry routes or in some cases re-construction of the entry area.

Additional raccoon wildlife control services include removal of soiled insulation, installation of new insulation as well as repair of any damaged areas. Many homeowners may not be aware but these additional services are typically covered by homeowners insurance.

To learn more about Arrow's  Charlotte raccoon control services, please contact your local service center for a free home evaluation.

Chipmunk Control & Removal:

Chipmunks are small, reddish brown ground squirrels that are approximately five inches long and weigh about three ounces. They are mostly active early in the morning or late afternoon, found burrowing into the tunnel chambers they have built for storing their food, caring for their young or resting. Their burrows can be up to 30 feet in length and may be found adjacent to or under sidewalks, steps, concrete patios and retaining walls. Their elaborate tunnel system can cause significant structural damage and may accumulate and divert rainwater toward your home, causing the potential of water in the basement. Chipmunks are also an added nuisance by causing damage to flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Getting rid of these nuisance pests may not require chipmunk extermination. As an alternative, Arrow's nuisance wildlife control specialists will perform exclusion methods to best ensure that chipmunks won't enter your home. Our Charlotte chipmunk control services may also include capture and chipmunk removal via Arrow's live trapping methods.


Charlotte Opossum Control and Removal:

Opossums are the only North American marsupial (females have a pouch on their belly where they carry and feed their young). Mature possums are approximately two feet long and weigh ten pounds. They are nocturnal mammals that are omnivorous, excellent climbers and are known to act dead "play possum" as a defensive measure. Opossums are a nuisance and threat to homeowners if they take residence in attics because their large droppings carry various parasites and diseases. They are also known to steal garbage, pet food and harass pets.

Arrow's opossum control professionals have the experience and knowledge in all types of wildlife control to keep your home and family protected from these and other nuisance pests. Call our  Charlotte opossum removalexperts today for your free home evaluation.

Charlotte Bat Control & Exclusion:

Bats are nocturnal mammals that feed mostly on insects. Many species travel in colonies and these large numbers can become a real nuisance for property owners. Bats can enter dwellings through very small openings (approximately ½ inch) and as such, are commonly found in attics where entry has been made through holes in roof lines, chimneys, gables or vents. Once inside their droppings (guano) accumulate which can be extremely odorous and serve as a breeding ground for disease. In addition, bats are known carriers of rabies and other insects such as ticks and fleas.

Bat control and prevention will not require Charlotte bat extermination services. Following the guidelines set forth by the Department of Natural Resources, Arrow's trained and licensed Charlotte bat pest control professionals will seal off entry points to prevent bats from reentering your home.

We offer additional bat control services to include removal of soiled insulation, installation of new insulation as well as repair to any damaged areas. Many homeowners may not be aware but these additional services are typically covered by homeowners insurance.

To learn more about Arrow's Charlotte bat exclusion methods (including a free home evaluation); please contact one of our local service centers.

Arrow Exterminators - Charlotte wildlife pest control expert that goes Beyond the Call

Arrow's Kannapolis & Charlotte wildlife control professionals are specially equipped to handle most suburban and urban wildlife control issues. As part of the STEPS Total Protection System, our wildlife pest control services include bat control, opossum removal, squirrel control as well as protecting your home against other rodents such as mice, rats, snakes, chipmunks and more. Not only will our wildlife control service professionals get them out of your home, we will locate how the intruders are finding their way in and provide a detailed wildlife control plan to keep them out permanently.

In addition, raccoon and bat droppings carry diseases and other parasites so it's important to call a professional to remove soiled insulation, install new insulation as well as repair damaged areas. Many homeowners may not be aware but these services are typically covered by your homeowners insurance.

All our Charlotte wildlife control services are 100% guaranteed.

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