Arrow Exterminators Recommends Five Necessary Precautions for Homeowners to Take in Preventing Flea and Tick

Thanks to the unseasonably warm, wet weather experienced throughout the region, coupled with a recent rise in rodent populations, flea and tick infestations are surging. With an ability to reproduce quickly and pose serious health risks to humans, fleas and ticks should not be taken lightly. Arrow Exterminators urges homeowners to follow these five precautions to prevent flea and tick infestations this summer:

1. Curb Appeal: Mice and rats are renowned carriers of ticks and fleas. To prevent rodents from setting up house near your property, keep outdoor play areas and lawns groomed and clear of brush, grass clippings, woodpiles and leaf debris. Additionally, keep play areas away from wooded areas - another rodent haven.

2. Give a Dog a Bath: During flea and tick season, it's important to bathe and groom pets often, as well as visit a veterinarian for professional flea treatments. It's also critical to inspect pets regularly, paying close attention to the front shoulders, back area and inside of and behind the ears. Fleas can jump more than 200 times their body length, making it extremely easy for them to hitch a ride onto a pet and into a home.

3. Keep a Tidy, Clean Home: Help remove flea populations and prevent the laying of eggs by cleaning and vacuuming frequently. "It's important to remember that fleas are not only fantastic hitchhikers, but also professional escape artists. After vacuuming, immediately dispose of the bag to prevent fleas from 'fleeing' back into your house," said Shay Runion, Arrow Pest Expert.

4. Dress for the Occasion: When outside, in areas where ticks are common, it's important to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. If possible, wear clothing light in color so ticks are easier to detect. Also, use a tick repellant containing DEET (on skin or clothing) or Permethrin (clothing only). When returning indoors, inspect clothing and skin thoroughly for ticks, especially the head and behind the ears.

5. Trust a Professional: If a flea or tick infestation is suspected, a pest professional should be contacted immediately to eradicate the problem.