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Home Invasions Can Happen in the Smallest of Spaces

Damage and Disease are common problems with winter pests.

The cold months are here and wildlife such as squirrels, rats, and raccoons are looking for a cozy place to seek food and shelter. Many rodents can fit through very tiny openings to gain access to your home, and once inside they can reproduce quickly. If they are too large to fit through a small opening then many of these crafty critters can tear off shingles and make their way inside.

People should use extreme caution with wildlife intruders because can they transmit diseases such as rabies and hantavirus, and many rodents’ feces can cause allergies in children. They rarely travel alone, often bringing in mites, fleas, ticks, and lice Additionally, wildlife can cause costly structural damage to your home by destroying siding, gnawing through electrical wires, and burrowing in insulation.

You should take precautions and avoid contact with wildlife and rodents when possible. To help reduce your chances of a wildlife infestation and keep you and your home protected, Arrow Exterminators recommends:

  • Seal all exterior cracks and holes, including along the roofline, around the chimney and areas where utilities and pipes enter the home;
  • Keep tree limbs cut back 6-8 feet from the roofline
  • Keep bird feeders away from the house and use squirrel guards to limit access to the feeder
  • Do not leave pet food or water bowls out overnight
  • Use thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids and store off the floor


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