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Stop Stink Bug Invasions in Your Home

Don't squash them! Learn how to protect your home from these overwintering pests.

Originally only a problem in a few states, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs have now moved into many states across the country and they are spreading rapidly. Fall is the time of year when these pests start seeking shelter inside homes as the temperatures drop. Unfortunately for homeowners, the stink bug invasions will only get worse before they get better as the shorter days and cooler weather will continue to send them indoors. Once inside they will hibernate until warmer weather returns in the spring and they reemerge from their overwintering sites to make their way back outdoors.

While they don’t transmit diseases, bite or sting, these “stinky” pests do emit a strong odor when frightened, disturbed or squashed and they can damage clothing, furniture and other fabrics with their droppings. Stink bugs can be quite bothersome, but you should avoid squashing these pests to prevent their stench. Arrow Exterminators recommends the following tips to prevent stink bug invasions in your home:

  • Seal off any exterior entry points. Pay close attention to doors, windows, attics, crawl spaces and underneath the wood fascia for cracks and openings that can serve as an entry point to the home
  • Use caulk and weather stripping to plug small gaps on windows and exterior doors
  • Check belongings before bringing them indoors. Stink bugs can hitchhike a ride in items such as boxes, grocery bags, and holiday decorations
  • If stink bugs are in the home, use a broom to sweep or gather them up and move them outdoors. You can vacuum the pests, but be sure to dispose of the bag or canister right away to avoid odor that can linger inside the vacuum cleaner


Whatever you do, act fast. Colder weather is coming — and so are the stink bugs.

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