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Monday, March 11, 2024

7 Warm-Weather Pests to Watch Out For This Spring

The seasonal slumber is over.

As nature reawakens and blooms new life, the warmer weather also wakes up a few unwanted foes. Get ready for spring by refamiliarizing yourself with some of the first pests you might see this season. 


While it’s not uncommon to see an ant during the winter, the warm weather really puts a spring in their step. Worker ants start to venture out from their underground hibernation, and after all that rest, they’re looking for their first crumbs of the season.

A lone ant may seem harmless, but their keen scouting can quickly turn into a colony on your counter. If you spot any infiltrators in your home, dispose of them and clean the area they were in. This helps get rid of their scent trail and makes them less likely to return for another snack raid.


It might be tempting to frolic in the freshly bloomed fields, but be warned, you may leave with a hitchhiker. 

Ticks like to lurk in the tall grass where they can latch onto you unnoticed. The best way to prevent these tiny bloodsuckers is by regularly checking yourself when you’re spending time outdoors. Ticks can also make their way onto you via your pet, so treating them with tick medication can go a long way. 

If you notice a spot on your skin that you didn’t have before, remove the tick from your body as soon as possible. The longer they’re on you, the more damage they can do, so act swiftly with a pair of tweezers.

Stink Bugs

Are your stink bug senses tingling? Warm weather and a foul odor are good indicators that these bugs are back.

These shield-shaped insects don’t pose any threat to humans, but if they’re the ones who feel threatened, things get stinky. Stink bugs hang around houses for shelter, so sealing up entry points will help keep them outside. If an aromatic invader finds its way indoors, resist the urge to squish it, or you’ll be left with a smelly sendoff. 


As cold-blooded critters, snakes are some of the first to come out and enjoy the sun. Unless they’re lying out in the warmth, snakes tend to hide in covered areas, making it a bit trickier to spot them than other pests. Trimming up all the spring greenery near your home will give snakes a good reason to stay away. 

In regions like Arizona, awareness of specific snake species, such as rattlesnakes, is crucial. If you see these venomous snakes near your home once the weather gets warm, call a professional to remove them immediately. Attempting to deal with one yourself is not worth risking a dangerous bite.


The biggest nuisance of them all, warm weather means mosquitoes are back with a blood-sucking vengeance. These pesky insects are not shy about making their presence known, so if you haven’t seen one buzzing around, you’ll certainly feel its bite.

Mosquitoes thrive in standing water, and it doesn’t take long for a birdbath to become a breeding ground. Take a lap around your yard to eliminate any stagnant water you find. If you want to enjoy the spring breeze without letting any mosquitoes indoors, make sure your window screens don’t have any tears for these pests to get through. 

Boxelder Bugs

Blooming leaves are all the rage for some insects, but boxelder bugs are attracted to trees for another reason — sap.

Trees produce more sap once it starts to get warm, and these red-and-black bugs feed on it and even lay their eggs in it to kick off their species for the season. Boxelder bugs aren’t dangerous, but they can be annoying. Despite a tree being all they really need, boxelder bugs wouldn’t mind getting cozy in your home. 

Boxelder bugs often congregate on sunlit walls, and once they’re that close to your home, it’s easy for them to slip inside through a crack. If a swarm gets inside, remove it with a vacuum cleaner and release the bugs back where they belong.


Queen wasps are the only ones who survive the winter, but they can grow their forces quickly. Once the queen makes a big enough nest to lay eggs in, a whole new wave of wasps will emerge in just a few weeks. 

To prevent these pests from arriving or stop their numbers from growing, you’ll have to find and remove their nest. Wasps are skilled architects and sheltered spots like the corners of your house are ideal locations to build. Regularly inspect these areas early in the spring so you can catch a nest early on. 

While you can use a wasp and hornet killer product yourself, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional, as wasps can be dangerous. Once the nest is gone, keep other wasps away by hanging a fake nest near your home. These stinging insects are incredibly territorial, and just the sight of one could make them buzz off. 

Ready For a Spring Break? 

Even though they just came back, it doesn’t take long for pests to wear out their welcome. Whether you have ants in your kitchen or a snake in your bushes, contact us for a quick and efficient removal.