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Friday, January 27, 2023

Bugs Go Head to Antenna: Who Will Come Out on Top?

For football lovers, the start of a new year signifies one thing: the climactic end of another season. Whether you’re a fan of the game or only tune in for the halftime show, our version of the bowl is one you don’t want to miss: the Bug Bowl.

When it comes to pests, who would beat out the competition for the title of worst pest? Here are our brackets for who we’re betting is the most difficult pest to control.


Ladybugs vs. Ants

Throughout the year, ladybugs will swarm into your home, nestling themselves into your ceiling and window corners as you wonder if they will ever go away for good. Similarly, ants persevere throughout the seasons, parading in a firm line from an entry point you can never hope to find.

While ladybugs swarm in a disorderly fashion, ants communicate with each other, passing information down the line. Because of its size, an ant cannot face off with a ladybug on its own — it needs an entire defensive line to scare off the ladybug.

With their power to work as an organized team, we predict ants will win this round.

Cockroaches vs. Stink Bugs

Cockroaches and stink bugs are similar in that they release pheromones to communicate, attracting others of their kind to the shelters they discover. When you find one cockroach or stink bug, others won’t be far behind.

When it comes to a faceoff, which pest is worse? Although cockroaches are tempting to squish, their powerful and flexible exoskeletons allow them to withstand 900 times their body weight. Meanwhile, a stink bug’s only offense is its odor — and that leads us to predict a cockroach victory.

Either way, you’ll want professional help when dealing with these pests in your home. A pest control plan personalized to your home’s needs can keep the pests away for good.

Ants vs. Centipedes

When compared to the ant, centipedes have a definite size advantage. With anywhere from just 15 to hundreds of legs, centipedes are often a terrifying pest to find in your space. (Really, who needs that many legs?)

Will the ants’ excellent teamwork and communication skills lead them to a victory over their very own Goliath?

Unfortunately for the little ones, centipedes often feed on ants. And although they may face several ants at one time, centipedes are fast creatures and excellent at playing hide and seek. They’re known as active hunters, meaning a centipede victory is to be expected.

Centipedes are so skilled at deception that you may not even know you have an infestation. Worst of all, if killed, their fluids may attract even more centipedes. When dealing with this multi-legged team, it’s best to call in the pest professionals.

Silverfish vs. Cockroach

Finding silverfish in your home is like witnessing an alien invasion — they’re that scary. Small enough to travel undetected, you can find them slithering amongst discarded dinner plates and living their best life in moist areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. They feed on everything from clothes to books to kitchen scraps, meaning even your attics aren’t off-limits.

Unlike cockroaches, silverfish aren’t team players — they don’t travel in groups and are rarely even seen in pairs. Since cockroaches find their power in numbers, we fear a cockroach infestation even more than that of the antennae-clad silverfish.

With that, cockroaches move on to the final round!

The Bug Bowl (with an Arrow Exterminators halftime show)

Centipede vs. Cockroach

Now is the time for the battle of champions — who will come out on top? Will it be the pincer-laden centipede or the indestructible cockroach?

Cockroaches are notorious for being one of the most challenging pests to get rid of in your home. They have an innate ability to hide just about anywhere, have nearly squish-proof exoskeletons and reproduce quickly. However, the centipede is also great at deception and being quick on their (many) feet.

Centipedes will use their two forcipules, or pincers, to poison their prey, giving them a quick advantage. While both pests are difficult to remove if you’re playing host to an infestation, the centipede’s hiding abilities and predatorial tendencies lead us to predict they will win the game.

If you’re faced with an infestation by any bug bowl teams, quickly contact Arrow Exterminators for a personalized halftime performance pest control plan.