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Friday, October 2, 2009

Department of Agriculture Warns Georgians on Potential Termite Infestations as a Result of Recent Flooding

Rick Bell

Last week Tommy Irvin, Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner, issued a statement to Georgians warning them to be vigilant in protecting their homes and businesses from potential increased termite activity due to recent rainfall and subsequent flooding. "Now is a good time to review or re-establish termite control measures that may have been disturbed by the flooding," Irvin said.

It's unfortunate for Georgia homeowners to experience a natural disaster like this on a variety of levels but taking a chance on loss of termite protection through a 100 year weather event occurrence is a gamble that shouldn't be taken.

Contacting a licensed pest management professional is the best way to determine whether your home or business is properly protected from termites. To read Irvin's full article, click here.