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Friday, January 27, 2017

For a Chance to Win $25, Vote for Your Favorite Arrow Billboard!

Termites are tiny pests that can cause massive destruction. Each year they are responsible for billions of dollars in property damage that isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. To combat this wood-loving menace, Arrow is unveiling a new termite billboard campaign to help promote awareness about this destructive pest, and we want you to pick the billboard that you like best.

The campaign will run on multiple billboards scattered across Arrow’s service area, especially in the termite-heavy South. While creating concepts for the new campaign, Arrow pulled out all the stops, employing their company colors and an adorable cartoon termite.

After creating a number of concepts for the new campaign, we’ve chosen three designs and would like for you to help us choose the winning design by voting in our first-ever billboard contest. To choose your favorite, cast your vote below or visit our Facebook page and register your vote via social media. The deadline to enter is February 3, and one lucky participant will win a $25 Visa gift card!

Want to know more about how we came up with these three designs?

Option A “Termites Chew on This”:  Arrow is the No. 1 installer of the Sentricon System® in the WORLD. Sentricon is the most advanced termite treatment available today, and it is proven to eliminate entire colonies and any new colonies that may strike around your home.

Option B “Stop Termites Before They Attack”: In Arrow’s service area, it is not if your home will encounter termites, but when. Since termites work silently behind the scenes, it can be years before evidence of their destruction becomes visible — long after the damage has been done. This is why prevention is key when you are dealing with termites.

Option C “Termites Attack. We Defeat”: Arrow is serious about termite protection. Our termite service professionals are licensed and highly trained to inspect for termite activity. We use a proven method of defense and we back our termite protection with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, termites don’t stand a chance with our termite control services.

To protect your home with the best termite protection and prevention available, contact Arrow and schedule a home inspection today!