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Monday, August 29, 2022

Let's Broach the Roach Subject: Are They Really Indestructible?

Although it’s summer, you might feel a chill on the back of your neck when you see a roach crawling across your floorboards. With summer being peak cockroach season, it might feel impossible to get rid of these seemingly indestructible bugs once they make your home, their home. And with their impressive ability to adapt to almost any situation, this is one infestation you want to stay ahead of.

Here are a few reasons roaches might find your home to be the perfect place to start their families and what makes them so hard to evict.

Forgotten Food and Trash

One man's trash is another bug's treasure — this phrase rings especially true when it comes to roaches. The most common reason roaches are attracted to your home is that they can find a steady source of food, usually in the form of discarded trash. If you're not taking your trash outside before bed and have spills and crumbs left overnight, your roach family likely won't be moving out anytime soon.

Excess Moisture

Even squeaky clean homes can fall victim to a roach infestation if there’s excess moisture or an available water source, like your pet’s water bowl. Since cockroaches need moisture to survive, a leaky faucet or cracked shower door commonly are what makes your home feel like a five-star resort for roaches.

Infested Neighbors

If you live in an apartment, condo, or townhome and share a wall with neighbors that have a roach infestation, chances are you will, too. Unfortunately, these pests don’t recognize house boundaries and may spill over into your home even against your best efforts. The best way to tackle this problem? Speak with your neighbors and discuss routine pest control options that benefit everyone.

Rapid Reproduction Rates

Try as you might — even your most valiant effort to uproot a cockroach invasion could be overwhelmed once they start reproducing. While different species of cockroaches reproduce at different rates, there's one thing they all have in common: they multiply quickly and in large numbers. For example, one German cockroach female and her offspring could result in 300,000 new roaches in one year under optimal conditions.

So, if you start spotting cockroaches in their nymph stage, that means cockroaches have started multiplying in your home with the possibility of an infestation.

Leave The Cockroaches to Us

Cockroach infestations are no joke, and the longer one goes on, the harder it is to get rid of them. Don’t wait to give Arrow Exterminators a call today if you need help handling your summer pest problem.