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Monday, March 17, 2014

Pest Proof Your Home this Spring

Shay Runion, Chief Human Resources Officer

This year's harsh winter has many of us ready to welcome spring with open arms and for many of us that means making spring cleaning to-do lists. While common chores include scouring the house from top to bottom and recycling old clothes and toys, we recommend that you add pest-proofing to the list. Many homeowners don't realize that their kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms may be harboring pests that could pose dangers to their health, home and belongings. Keep reading for tips on what pests to look for and how to keep them out!

Five Spring Pest-Proofing Tips


It is no surprise that the kitchen is a popular place for pests seeking food and water. Keep an eye out for cockroaches, ants and Indian meal moths which are among the most common pests found in the kitchen. These pests are more than just a nuisance, once they make their way inside your pantry they can contaminate food and spread bacteria such as E coli and salmonella.

Prevention Tip: Store food in sealed containers, wipe counters and empty the trash regularly. Keeping your kitchen clean goes a long way in pest prevention!

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

You can't partake in spring cleaning without tackling the bedrooms and bathrooms and the same goes for pest proofing. Moths are attracted to closets since they feed on natural fibers such as silk, cotton and wool. Silverfish are also a common pest found in these rooms and are known to damage synthetic fabrics as well as books and other paper products.

Prevention Tip: Wash and iron or dry-clean garments before storing them for the summer. Moths and silverfish are attracted to moisture, so be sure to eliminate dampness by running fans or dehumidifiers. Also, make sure to seal any openings where pipes enter the bathroom and dry out bath towels and mats regularly.

Living Spaces

While the kitchen and bathrooms are most likely to harbor pests, common living spaces are not off limits. Mice are popular house pests and can be found behind floorboards and under furniture. Also, if you have a family pet then you should be on the lookout for fleas and ticks since they often hitchhike a ride into the home through cats and dogs.

Prevention Tip: Keep living spaces crumb free by removing snacks and frequently vacuuming floors and under furniture. Also, keep family pets groomed and their flea and tick prevention current.


Don't forget to pay attention to the garage as you pest proof your home! Boxes and sporting equipment that have been stored away in the garage through the winter months are the perfect winter nesting spot for rodents and wildlife such as squirrels, mice and rats. These pests are known to cause significant damage by chewing through wires and they can also transmit diseases. As you unpack your spring and summer gear, keep an eye out for signs of nesting and rodent droppings.

Prevention Tip: We recommend that you use airtight plastic storage bins for seasonal items and store them off the floor when possible. Also, be sure to sweep your the garage regularly.


Spring cleaning and proper pest-proofing doesn't just include indoor work, it is also important to maintain a clean outdoor area too. We recommend pest-proofing the outside of your home to keep pests such as termites and cockroaches outside where they belong and controlling the population of summer's most notorious pest, the mosquito.

Prevention Tip: Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home including entry points for wires and pipes. Eliminate sources of standing water and moisture, including birdbaths and clogged gutters. Keep garbage collection areas clean and ensure all receptacles are tightly closed. Trim back tree branches and shrubbery away from the house. We hope these tips will help you make the most of your spring cleaning and help you maintain a pest-free home!

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